Sometimes English at school can be a real torment, and lessons can seem boring and incomprehensible. Therefore, a false opinion may emerge that English is something completely unnecessary in life.

It can be explained by the following:

 image   Lack of motivation.

 image   Wrong methodology.

In fact, everything is connected. The main reason for failure and rejection is the use of incorrect methods of teaching English.

Try to remember how you learned to swim. At first, there was a bit of theory, and then you went into the water and tried to swim. Maybe you held on to the board, or to the edge of the swimmig pool. In all cases, you did everything by yourself. In order to swim well, you had to practise a lot.

This is the same with English - the more you practice English, the more your English will improve. Communication practice in English lessons should definitely be more than theories. Unfortunately, this is precisely what is lacking during English classes in ordinary school. Because of this, students fail to fully master a foreign language. As a result, language becomes uninteresting and begins to resemble a set of boring rules.

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