Learning English can be a pleasure, but it can also be a disappointment. You can spend a lot of time learning English and not achieve any results. You might think the problem is in you. You're wrong. The problem is in your school, your teacher, and in the method you are taught.

You are not motivated, they do not understand you, they do not listen to you, and they do not talk to you.

You are constantly explained tedious rules and forced to learn words. You do boring exercises and read long texts.

Change everything now. Learn about the advanced English language learning system developed by Lingolands

How do we teach?

We teach online using advanced British and American
books, as well as our own platform, honed on improvement of
speaking, reading, listening and writing skills.

Who are our teachers?

Studying English takes place with non-native teachers and with native speakers. You choose with whom you study. All school teachers are certified specialists.

Why us?

Lingolands uses its own methodology based on motivation and maximum communication. All lessons are adapted for you. In the conversation club, you can practice English. Our platform allows you to begin to understand and speak English in a short period of time. We guarantee that after two months of learning English with us you will be able to have conversations in English.

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